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Andy Runzheimer

Andy Runzheimer is my Name. Since nearly five years I live in Cologne, studied, worked and found out a wonderful secret that no one told me before. That is what I want to share with you.

Life is beautiful if you focus on right things. You and I both live our life and we know struggles, experienced beautiful and maybe also painful things. You are blessed, if you have a thankful life and no sorrows. But what is on the other side? What if you don’t feel blessed or grateful?

I was born with a disability on my legs. Gratefully I had a wonderful family but after years in school, bit by bit experienced that pain, I felt hate, I felt tired of living and I hid inside myself.

Today I am thankful for that time. But how and why? Sounds stupid?

One day I asked myself:
•Are you really that interesting?
•Why do you care so much about what others could think?
•Maybe you aren’t event that interesting - is it that big deal?

More than 24 years I walked around and felt disabled. Now I know that actually my mindset was disabled.

Visit my site, follow me and feel free to contact me, if you are curious about what happened to my mindset and how I started to feel free and loved.

It would be a pleasure to hearing from you soon.

Best wishes,